What Makes A Leading Software Testing Company Different From Others?

The software industry is evolving continually, and not all testing companies are able to keep up with the pace. However, there are a few pioneers of the domain that leave no stone unturned in order to stay on the leading edge of the industry. Let’s find out what makes a software testing company a top provider among the fellow service providers.

Knowledge Of Latest Tools & Techniques

It is the responsibility of a testing services provider to keep up with the emerging trends and techniques of software validation. A leading software testing company may have a certain domain expertise, but it should also have an understanding of major quality assurance types which can help them tackle any kind of project efficiently. These common types include:

1. Black box testing

2. Penetration testing

3. Security testing

4. Sanity testing

5. Unit testing

As more and more businesses are realizing that quality assurance is necessary to achieve a market-ready software, a number of tools for bug tracking, test management as well as automation are out there for a testing company to lay hands on. A reliable testing agency ensures that its engineers work with all the reliable resources to overcome the complexities of any project.


The process of software testing and quality assurance is of limited benefits if a testing company is not able to provide documentation for the overall process. It is the efficient documentation that helps the Dev team understand the requirements and take the necessary steps as well as help an enterprise allocate the right budget for testing. Documentation also helps keep a track of all the updates and results in a well-organized reporting to the client.

Planning And Resource Management

A plan is simply a vision to execute the process before it is flagged off. A leading software testing company creates a well-sorted approach for testing a software before the test engineers initiate the process of testing and QA. This plan briefly describes the functionalities to be tested, along with the methods and tools to be used for the process. Once a plan is brought on the table, the team of testers work with the Dev team to allocate the available resources and create a customized process for testing and quality assurance.


A tester should be a good communicator as well. This means that when required, the testing engineer should be able to share the status of the project with the clients, inform the team of any updates and prepare informative reports for management. Professional testing companies pay attention to the communication skills of its testers so that they are able to share the insights of the project logically.


It is the desire to continually learn and grow which makes a ‘best’ software QA company different from others. A testing engineer should learn new methodologies and processes as soon as they emerge in order to improve his or her efficiency in testing and enable the clients stay ahead of the competition.

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Social Media Marketing Magic

The importance of social media marketing in food service has sky rocketed, reaching new heights out in the web galaxy. Don Fox places the social media universe on a spectrum; “one end being the forum that it provides for meaningful communication with current and prospective customers, and the other being the use of the social media universe for advertising and promotion.” Both of these channels stay current and up-to-date with prospects that want to know more about the brand and service they are buying. Since we live in a knowledgeable era where there is a substantial amount of information at our fingertips, it is ideal that a brand should conveniently communicate and stay current. Moreover, Social media marketing is extremely beneficial, and without it a brands relevancy and image is at risk.

Social media marketing has grown to become a crucial role in the function of any business, because the audience being marketed to has to sift through the noise and distinguish what company they would like to support. By staying active in the online universe, the customers understand more about the company’s mission and what they stand for. One way to be accurate with your companies image, is to speak the right vernacular that attracts the target market your brand expects to see coming through your stores doors or ordering online. Don Fox also states, that your social media marketing should reflect your brands culture and business environment so your target market doesn’t become confused. By speaking the language of your business you can stay focused on you marketing strategy and help your audience pin-point the right restaurant they desire.

Don Fox describes how your businesses image is key in the market place. If customers are looking for you and want to support your brand, then they will, don’t confuse them. There are so many different ways to communicate with your audience, by staying online and being active you will make your business become heard. Without social media in any small business, is comparable to taking a kayak down the river without paddles hoping someone will spot you and pull you out. Social media is the driving force for staying current with old and new clients, and it does take a long time to build that foundation out in the online universe, but it is better to start now than later. It becomes fun, and there is an assortment of people out there waiting to be heard and communicated with, and these people are the ones that become the sellers and ambassadors of your business.

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The HTC Wildfire – A Smartphone Designed For Your Entertainment

These days, there is more to mobile phone entertainment than just music and simple java games. Mobile fun is now as broad as the internet gets. There are just so many things that have the ability to entertain us. The HTC Wildfire offers to entertain you even more with an assortment of features and innovations.

In the past, amusement on mobile devices were confined to captured images, recorded videos, stored music, and simple java games. These forms of entertainment may have been enough to keep us entertained in the past, but now we get easily bored in the monotony. The wildfire offers to add a new angle to mobile fun and games.

One of these additions is the integration of an FM radio. With an onboard radio, you can listen to the latest hits from various genres and artists; you can listen to the most up to date news; you can listen to sports, and you can listen to all the entertaining commentaries of your favorite DJ. With an integrated FM radio, all you have to do is plug in your stereo headsets and tune in to your favorite station.

When videos are concerned, the HTC Wildfire does not confine you to recorded and stored videos. You can easily log on to your favorite streaming sites and stream videos. You do not have to worry about a sluggish internet connection. The smartphone gives you the luxury of having as much as 7.2 megabytes per second of downloads. Prepare to enjoy seamless video streaming on a dependable 3G network.

With this much internet speed, you are sure to have quick access to your favorite social networks. On these websites, you can enjoy chatting, video streaming, image viewing, mini blogs, email, and games. This goes the same for uploads. The HTC Wildfire will give you quick access to your favorite social network no matter where you might be.

One distinct feature of the phone is its ability to make you enjoy more from mobile apps. From music to videos, from health to life, from finance to news, and from information to games, you can enjoy any app on the Wildfire. Thanks to its Android platform, compatibility will never be an issue.

As you can see, the phone takes fun and games to a whole new level. There are so many features for you to explore and enjoy. With the HTC Wildfire, you get a smartphone designed for your entertainment.

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Interview With Gareth Jones (Gaz-Top) Regarding Retro Gaming and TV

Gareth Jones Interview:

Question 1 – You have worked on many TV, radio and Internet shows, both in front of and behind the camera. How does directing GamePad rank in your career?

Pivotal, Violet was instrumental in encouraging to direct the whole series which was the first time I’d had the job at the very top of the programme. In doing so I learned a great deal about making television which has kept me in work for the last 10 years and I learned a fair bit about gaming in the process.

Question 2 – GamePad came at a time when there was lack of video game TV shows on the air. Did you see a gap in the market and take advantage?

Not exactly, Violet had presented a gaming show called Game Spot on Bravo. It was a re-versioning of an American show, the same team had a go at making an original show instead, already called Game-Pad, but it proved to be more difficult for them to make than they realised. So instead of simply being a hired presenter Violet offered to take over the programme as the producer, pull me in as director, and make it all ourselves through our company WhizzBang. We felt we could do a better, more original show and so we pitched for the slot keeping the name GamePad but it was now an entirely new programme.

Question 3 – GamePad was a great show which was made “by gamers, for gamers”. Did you purposely look to make a more mature show than had previously been on air?

Violet really, really knew a great deal about gaming back then, and she’s a smart cookie, so the whole culture of GamePad was essentially Violet’s mind-set, albeit slightly messed-up by me.

Question 4 – GamePad lasted for four series. Were you disappointed that the show was not renewed for another series?

Yes, we were disappointed because we already had plans for what the next series would involve (Violet is a very good planner) however being responsible for EVERYTHING on a production requires lots of time at work, we had 2 very young children at the time, so in some ways we were actually relieved when GamePad didn’t happen, we had an inkling that it might vanish because Bravo had just engaged a new programme commissioner who wanted to make her mark with new ideas that she had brought to the station rather than the re-commissioning existing programmes on the channel. So we just throttled back a bit from work for a while and concentrated on the important stuff, the two little balls of energy who were bouncing around in our lives.

Question 5 – Have you always been a gamer?

I got into gaming in the late 80s through my job as a children’s TV presenter, I wasn’t really a gamer before that, although my father had a TV and radio shop when I was growing up and I remember him bringing something like Pong home for me to play in about nineteen-seventy-something, I played it for a while, but got bored with it so went off to learn the guitar instead.

Question 6 – What is your favourite video game of all time?

Drop 7, I play it on my phone every day, I love its trance-inducing Zen-like quality.

Question 7 – Were you a SEGA, Nintendo or Amiga man?

I got into gaming via the Game Gear and the Amiga, so I feel a slight allegiance to those brands. I know this is controversial, but I’ve always thought Nintendo were deeply uncool, far too cute for my rock ‘n roll sensibilities.

Question 8 – Do you still play video games today?

See answer 6

Question 9 – Violet Berlin made her name as one of the most respected video game presenters in the UK. What is it like to be married to such a big gamer?

I have no idea, we are not actually married! But we have lived together since 1999 and have 2 teenage children, so I guess we are stuck with each other now, you know like Ratchet & Clank. Violet doesn’t have much time for playing game these days, apart from those she writes, and she usually gets our children to test them.

Question 10 – Do you play video game together and who usually wins?

We’ve not played games together for a long time now, when we did Violet would usually beat me, unless it was a driving game when I’d win, that was my speciality.

Question 11 – How exactly did WhizzBang.tv come about?

Violet & I had written a format for a children’s programme called Try This which we submitted it to ITV – when they showed a lot of interest in it they asked “Who will make this?” we said we would ourselves, and so quickly had to form a company. This gave us the confidence to tackle GamePad together. In the end we never got to make Try This, because of a change of commissioner at CiTV (that sort of thing happens a lot), but it launched us firmly into the world of production.

Question 12 – Have you got any future plans to make / present a TV show on video games?

Nope, not at the moment – Violet is busy writing games and interactive installations for museums, and I’m busy on car-related projects just now.

Question 13 – Do you feel there is a current gap in the market for a TV show dedicated to the video game industry?

Yes, but it would have to be a truly original take on the subject, give it to Charlie Brooker then it would be entertaining.

Question 14 – What are your views on the video game industry of today?

If I’m being honest (and I always am) from the position I am in right now my view of the gaming industry is quite distant, ask me about cars, or rockets, Wales or Slade and I could talk all day, all week, all month.

Question 15 – What are you currently working on at the moment?

Alongside appearing on a Welsh-language comedy show on S4C called Caryl A’r Lleill (Caryl & The Others) I’m still making Gareth Jones On Speed – a car and motorsport podcast I’ve produced for 10 years now. I’m also making Race To 24 a 12 part documentary series that starts in March 2015 about a team choosing a driver to race for them in this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours. I’m also doing some stage acting for the first time in my career, I’m playing Tommy Cooper’s manager Miff Ferrie in a touring production called the Tommy Cooper Show, which is turning out to be a bit of a hit.

Website link: http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/

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