The History Of Computer Help Desk Ticket Support

Help desk assistance was created shortly after computers were integrated into daily business use. Not every computer user has the ability to troubleshoot a problem with their personal or business computer. Companies around the world depend on reliable computers for business use. The sophisticated technologies now in use make it easy to receive help desk ticket support through an Internet connection. IT experts help fix problems and errors in a virtual environment.

Company employees were not daily users of computers until the early 1980s, when computers were being mass produced for the business and consumer markets. The creation of the PC by IBM in 1981 catapulted the use of computers in daily use. The creation of the Macintosh from Apple in 1984 continued this trend. The computers built during this time were not very user friendly. Many errors could occur leaving a basic computer user feeling helpless. The creation of a help desk environment was a welcomed addition to many companies.

There is no actual time period that is documented, but the speed of data connection increased substantially during the mid 1990s. Computer microchip processors were being created faster and were smaller in size compared to the original versions. These new computer chips made it possible for IT tech support to be available remotely through a connected server console to fix most problems and errors. This reduced the use of tech phone support or in-person visits by an expert. The creation of an automated system allowed users to troubleshoot the simplest problems. This was the expansion of the mobile help desk ticket support system.

Modern computer systems have programs installed that are able to fix issues and with the help of computer users. There are many common issues that can now be fixed without requiring expert assistance. It is not uncommon for a person to fix his or her own errors instead of contacting network support. A quick Google search will typically give you the answers you need. IT technicians can still arrive in-person for a serious issue.

There are many new tools that help make life easier, but there always needs to be an expert available to help assist with troubleshooting. Computers are no different and specialists still remain educated in the latest technologies for repairs and troubleshooting. Technological advancements are allowing most problems to be fixed remotely and this increases performance of the IT department and helps reduce business expenses.

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