Social Media Marketing Magic

The importance of social media marketing in food service has sky rocketed, reaching new heights out in the web galaxy. Don Fox places the social media universe on a spectrum; “one end being the forum that it provides for meaningful communication with current and prospective customers, and the other being the use of the social media universe for advertising and promotion.” Both of these channels stay current and up-to-date with prospects that want to know more about the brand and service they are buying. Since we live in a knowledgeable era where there is a substantial amount of information at our fingertips, it is ideal that a brand should conveniently communicate and stay current. Moreover, Social media marketing is extremely beneficial, and without it a brands relevancy and image is at risk.

Social media marketing has grown to become a crucial role in the function of any business, because the audience being marketed to has to sift through the noise and distinguish what company they would like to support. By staying active in the online universe, the customers understand more about the company’s mission and what they stand for. One way to be accurate with your companies image, is to speak the right vernacular that attracts the target market your brand expects to see coming through your stores doors or ordering online. Don Fox also states, that your social media marketing should reflect your brands culture and business environment so your target market doesn’t become confused. By speaking the language of your business you can stay focused on you marketing strategy and help your audience pin-point the right restaurant they desire.

Don Fox describes how your businesses image is key in the market place. If customers are looking for you and want to support your brand, then they will, don’t confuse them. There are so many different ways to communicate with your audience, by staying online and being active you will make your business become heard. Without social media in any small business, is comparable to taking a kayak down the river without paddles hoping someone will spot you and pull you out. Social media is the driving force for staying current with old and new clients, and it does take a long time to build that foundation out in the online universe, but it is better to start now than later. It becomes fun, and there is an assortment of people out there waiting to be heard and communicated with, and these people are the ones that become the sellers and ambassadors of your business.

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